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Direct User Interface
DXF/DWG Import/Export
This system uses database to manager files, user can import dxf/dwg file into the database or export a file from database.
Multiple Doc Interface
User can open multiple part and sheer files at same time. switch between them by tab in a easy way
Customise Features Color
The system provides detailed color setting for the system and features, you can set the colors of all the feature you feel comfortable.
Main Functionalities
Support Part-in-Part Nesting
The system has multiple part-in-part nesting function, customer can get the best material utilization by this technology which is also our core competitiveness.
Flexible Lead In/Out
Software would auto assing lead in/out to the pattern based on the setting in scheme, you can drag the lead in/out position freely.
Corner Feature
In order to get best corner quality, system provides corner feature function to customer, you can assign corner features to different corners.
Cut Condition
In order to control the cut quality more accuracy, system provides cut condition setting to customer, user can control the cut parameter for every shape and pattern.
Support Sub-Program
Use sub-program can reduce the NC code obviously. The code with sub-program can be more readable and be easy to edit.
Common Cutting
For regular shapes, common cutting can reduce machining time and save material.

Curve conversion and optimization

CutLeader provides a highlight function for vector drawing cutting. Vector geometric data from external CAD systems often contains curves(splines, bezier,etc.), CutLeader would auto convert them into CNC adapted arcs and lines. these arcs and lines would be auto optimized to reduces the lines dramaticaly. The cutting speed also would be increased obviously.

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